RobotWorx Celebrates 25 Years

On August 4th, 2017 RobotWorx will be celebrating 25 years in the industrial robot industry! Take a look at how we started and evolved throughout the years!

RobotWorx was created out of the genius (and garage!) of Keith Wanner.  Keith had a fierce passion for robots and building things, so he did just that; he built a robotic company!

On August 4th, 1992 RobotWorx was created to help bridge the gap between large, full-service robot integrators and small distributors installing robots.  Keith also knew that it was difficult to get good quality products with equally good quality customer service. 

Built with top of the notch customer service and support in mind, RobotWorx is an industrial robot integrator that sells new and refurbished robots.  All reconditioned robots go through a rigorous restoration process to bring them back to high-quality functioning robots. 

As the business quickly grew out of Keith's garage, RobotWorx moved into a larger building located in Marion, Ohio, to accommodate their growing inventory and application options.

You can find details on this event and the full article history of RobotWorx online.


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