SCOTT's LEAP Suite wins Design Innovation of the year


About the APPMA PIDA Awards

The Australian Packaging & Processing Machinery Association (APPMA), the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) and the Packaging Council of New Zealand, have established the Packaging & Processing Innovation and Design Awards (PIDA) that will recognise companies and individuals who are making a significant difference in their field in Australia and New Zealand.

The Design Innovation of the Year company awards recognised organisations that have designed innovative packaging and processing materials, innovative packaging and processing machinery/equipment.


About SCOTT's LEAP Suite

Scott in partnership with Silverfern Farms and in collaboration with Meat and Livestock Australia and key processing partners in Australia and New Zealand have developed a fully integrated lamb processing system for disassembling lamb carcases into the standard bone-in retail cuts. The system (known as LEAP) incorporates a series of integrated and fully automated modules including the a Primal (LEAP III) module, Middle (LEAP IV) module, Forequarter (LEAP V) module and Leg module (LEAP II) all able to be integrated together and guided with the use of Scott Dual energy x-ray Technology.

The Scott LEAP system is the only fully automated lamb automation system available worldwide pioneering large scale, high throughput and very sophisticated automation solutions required to maximise cutting accuracy and yield, as well as serving as a platform for object carcase measurement and traceability. Modules installed in Australia and New Zealand have shown up to 8% increase in processing productivity and significant increases in efficiency through yield recovery, accuracy, labour reduction and reduced health and safety related claims leading to measured benefits upward of $4.50 per lamb carcase which equates to substantial increases in business profitability and return on investment for typical Australian and New Zealand processing facilities.

Without question there has been a quantum leap in innovation achieved in developing the Scott Automation and Robotics LEAP system which has managed to bring automation to an industry that has traditionally proven both difficult to mechanise as well as resistant to change.


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