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Whirlpools and Robots: How Scott engineered their way from local manufacturer to global appliance automation supplier

Scott has a long history of appliance manufacturing; it was one of our original industries, long before our automation days. Our team know how to make appliances because we've done it too. Our washing machine was one of the best on the market, so good in fact that our customer base dwindled as nobody ever needed new machines.

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Safeguarding Quality: How Automation Protects Your Brands Reputation

In the Food & Beverage industry, brand reputation is everything. Consumer confidence in your brand is the key to retaining or growing market share and having a strong reputation for quality can be what gives your product the edge when sharing shelf space with competitors. Automation provides that consistency, producing products of the quality your customers expect time after time, protecting your hard-earned reputation.

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Deep Dive: Robotics in Oil & Gas, Improve Safety and Productivity

Dirty and dangerous, yes, but there’s nothing dull about the oil and gas industry. The Three Ds are more like danger, Will Robinson, danger – danger. But the times they are a-changin’… What used to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world is now augmented. Now we see the emergence of autonomous mechatronic solutions; From roughneck, underwater, aerial and snake bots, to robotic processes that increase the service life of oilfield equipment, and even robotic gas stations; robots protect workers, improve process productivity and reduce costs.

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Confidence & Safety: What to expect from Robotic Welding

When relying heavily on the accuracy and reliability of machinery to manufacture a product, there needs to be total confidence in the robotic system. This article aims to outline what to expect from a Robotic Welding system.


X-Ray Inspection Service

Scott offer an X-Ray Inspection Service to help a range of businesses, especially those in FMCG, find contaminants or imperfections in their product.


Robotics in Timber Construction

Timber, or wood, one of the pre-industrial era’s most favoured building materials is currently experiencing a resurgence in use; fuelled in part by developments in CNC technologies, digital fabrication advancement and automation. Robotic fabrication techniques in timber construction have improved the way wood is used in construction, with the efficiency and flexibility of robotic automation key drivers for this resurgence.


What you need to know about AGVs vs AMRs

Automated Guided Vehicles are a practical approach to materials handling operations, while the newer Autonomous Mobile Robots offer a more dynamic solution. With advantages to both, how do companies choose which is best for their facility?

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Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Neural Networks: Part 3

Machine Learning is being hailed as a game changer for robotics & automation for many reasons but in particular for the Vision, Picking, Movement and Data areas.

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Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Neural Networks: Part 2

There is a popular theory that it takes 10,000 hours of training for someone to be ‘good’ at something and even then they are still more likely to make errors on occasion – hence the term human error. Whereas the success of Deep Learning comes from the speed and precision with which the network is trained, often taking much less than 10,000 hours. In fact, a Neural Network can be trained in as little as a couple of hours, to a couple of days. 

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