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Cobots enhance human work, not replace it.

Universal Robots, founded in 2005, makes single-arm collaborative robots that are used to do repetitive tasks in the automotive and manufacturing space for such companies as BMW. UR has sold about 10,000 robots around the world.


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Robotic Boom Will Bring 1.3 Million Robots by 2018

The “fourth industrial revolution” is here - Robots are effortlessly being incorporated into industrial plants worldwide, bringing with them increases in productivity, flexibility and accuracy.

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10 Good Reasons to Invest in Robots

Need help deciding whether adding a robot to your process could boost your competitive edge?

Here are ten of the most common benefits enjoyed by robot users.....

Industrial Robotics

Benefits of Industrial Automation & Robotics

SCOTT provides complete automation and robotic solutions to a wide range of companies globally.

Robotic Welding

Top 10 Advantages of Robotic Welding

Welding automation offers numerous benefits for companies of all sizes — from improved productivity and weld consistency to lower costs for production, labour and materials.


Mining Article

Increasing Productivity, Efficiency and Safety in Mining

The global resources industry is a constantly evolving beast, and it is now entering a new age of technological development.


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