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Collaborative Robot Safety

Collaborative robots (cobots) arrived on the market in 2008 and are expected to continue grow at explosive rates.

Collaborative robots are reducing initial integration time as the quickly advancing technology is creating a quicker and easier to program robot. 

RobotWorx URW 92

Collaborative Robots Extending Into Welding Applications

The rapid evolution of collaborative robots is bringing advanced automated solutions to welding production lines. 

Bladestop Bandsaw

Why Body Sensing is Essential for Band Saw Safety.

Band saws are an essential tool in the meat processing industry, but can cause severe cuts, muscle and nerve damage, or amputations. 

IMG 2935

Compact HTS Magnets for Neutron Scattering Sample Environments.

A passively shielded HTS magnet for polarized neutron scattering 

Jamestrong Robotic Palletisers Improve Production

The Unforeseen Benefits of Adding Robots to the Workplace

Automation & Robotics are becoming common in the manufacturing plant industry, with general industry and automotive parts suppliers leading the way. 

JBS 68

Transforming the red meat industry – Automated x-ray guided lamb processing

Automated X-Ray technology is transforming the meat industry by providing improved yield through the accuracy of cutting.

Collaborative Robots from Universal Robots

Five Reasons to Consider COBOTS in a high mix/low volume environment

The market for collaborative robots in the automotive industry is expected to grow by 43 percent annually over the next five years.

URW 20

SCOTT demonstrates Universal Robot Welder at National Manufacturing Week 2017.

SCOTT partnered with Universal Robots showcasing the latest in Robotic welding featuring Universal Robot’s UR10. 

UR3 Gluing03

Cobots enhance human work, not replace it.

The robots can work alongside personnel with no safety guarding after risk assessment and are easily moved around production sites to complete detailed tasks.

CLB53 Kuka robots in automotive factory

Robotic Boom Will Bring 1.3 Million Robots by 2018

The “fourth industrial revolution” is here - Robots are being incorporated into industrial plants worldwide, bringing with them increases in productivity, flexibility & accuracy.

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