AGV Navigation: Pros and Cons

Planning on installing an AGV system? Do you know what navigation type you want? Do you know the pros and cons of the navigation type? Not every location is conducive to any navigation type. Not every navigation type will support every application. 

Some systems need low margins of error, flexibility, or lower costs. Some solutions will have restrictions such as nothing in or on the floor, heavy traffic, wide open areas, or high stacks that will block certain navigation types. After this seminar, you will know the pros and cons of each navigation type.

Learn more by watching this presentation: Navigation Pros and Cons' presentation delivered by Chuck Russell, Transbotics VP of Sales  at MHI's Modex Show on April 9, 2018. The presentation talks about the pros and cons of different types of AGV navigation methods. You will learn about the different types of navigation technology available and the advantages and limitations of each navigation type.


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