AGV Safety

An Automated Guided Vehicle solution is an extremely safe system, with reliable operation. The advanced safety features mean that there is no damage to the products, buildings, or machinery. In addition, employee safety on the work floor improves significantly. Our AGV solutions ensure a peaceful and healthier work environment, which results in less sick leave.


All of our installations are built to the highest safety standards. We at Transbotics believe in keeping a safe work environment both for the vehicles and employees. Transbotics follows the current ANSI B56.5 Safety Standards as a minimum, and will tailor the safety solution to the customer’s requirements.

Some Safety Features

Warning and Alarm Lights: Our AGVs have warning lights, audible-warning signals, emergency stop buttons and non-contact obstacle detectors. When the AGV is approaching a turn, the warning lights function as directional signals to alert personnel in the area of the AGVs intention to branch right or left on the guide path.  When the vehicle goes into an alarm mode the alarm lights blink to indicate an alarm.

Audible Warning/Alarm Signals:  Distinct tones are used during the vehicle’s operation, including an acknowledge tone and an alarm tone.  The AGV emits a slow repeating acknowledge (run) tone during normal operation.  The alarm tone sounds when an alarm is active.

Emergency Stop Buttons: Emergency stop buttons are provided on each AGV.  When activated, the AGV enters an emergency stop state and all motion capable equipment will become inactive.

Collision Avoidance System: The non-contact collision avoidance system on the AGV can utilize a number of different laser sensors mounted on the front, rear, side, and upper locations of the AGV.  When the AGV is traveling on the guide path, this system will detect an obstacle (such as a person) in any of the coverage locations.

When the obstacle is within the warning field of any of these sensors, the AGV will decelerate to a slower speed in anticipation of a full stop.  If the obstacle is still detected within protective field of the sensor, the AGV will apply its brakes so that it comes to a complete stop before contact is made.  The AGV will resume automatic operation approximately three seconds after the obstacle is removed from the protective field.



For more on AGV safety, AGV types and their uses visit our AGV information page


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