Collaborative Robots Extending Into Welding Applications

The rapid evolution of collaborative robots is bringing advanced automated solutions to welding production lines. 

SCOTT has been working with Universal Robots to improve your welding application with cobots. They are trailblazing the way for integrators across the globe, including RobotWorx, to use and advance welding solutions with collaborative robots.

The Universal Robots Collaborative series brings fierce competition to the welding line. Compared to a standard robot welder, UR COBOT's are very capable and up to the challenge to conquer your welding task.

The UR is the perfect solution for custom or small template welding applications set within its reach. They are able to improve the quantity and quality of your welding throughput while also providing easy programming, increased worker safety, and better versatility on your production line including super simple re-deployment.

Easy Programming: Since welding is a process that requires great accuracy and detail, it is important that the robot is accurate, precise, and effective.  The Universal Robots collaborative series could not get any easier to program in order to successfully perform with amazing precision.

The system typically takes less than half a day to set up as the UR robot collaborative series offers users with zero programming experience the ability to easily program and operate a UR robot.  Programmers can choose to hand lead and guide the robot through the “lead-through method” which manually teaches the robot the correct path parameters for accurate completion of their automated welding task.  The precision hands on "drag and point" system is complimented by the ability to manually set points for the robot through the teach pendant.

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