How Much Does an AGV System Cost?

The truth is, there is no short answer for this question. The cost of an AGV system can have a vast range directly dependent on how complex the system is.  First however, let’s start with the basics.

If you landed on this page, chances are you’ve already done a bit of research on what an AGV or AGV System is, and now you’re ready to move on to the next phase, costs. The cost of an AGV system can have a vast range directly dependent on how complex the system is. Typically, an AGV is made up of the vehicle, host software, wireless communication, user interface, and battery/charger, and as each AGV can be fully customized for their unique environment calculating a cost can depend on a number of things.

By some accounts, and as reported by Assemby Magazine, the average cost of an AGV can range anywhere between $100,000 to $150,000. However, as you can see from what we’ve mentioned so far, there are several questions that need to be answered about your business to determine what category of vehicle you might need, thus initiating the beginning of a more accurately cost estimate. It really comes down to a quoting process that is more complex than most. As you continue your search to find the right AGV solution provider, here are some questions to consider:

  1. What is the size of your facility?
  2. What is your current cost of labor?
  3. What industry are you in?
  4. What application are we designing for?

These questions, among others, will help lead you into:

  1. Vehicle type?
  2. Reach, speed, lift heights, load type and many more specifications.

The quoting process will truly entail a vast amount of information that will finally result in a quote.  While there are many companies that offer a standard product like a consumer vehicle right off the lot, these AGVs often fall short because they are not designed to meet the client’s specific needs. This can often result in not only disappointment, but loss of revenue and intended throughput and efficiency.

A Scott Transbotics system focuses on custom solutions and vehicles. From concept to design, and manufacturing, clients are part of the process from beginning to end. This ensures the design of a system is built specifically for the client’s needs, meeting facility and load requirements every step of the way. The result is a complex but reliable system built to guarantee a flawless and efficient execution of the application.

When undertaking a major project like this, you are investing in resources and experience as much as you are a product. The success of the project depends on the people performing the work as much as the technology or product being implemented. For this reason, Transbotics dedicates an entire team to our clients, to manage every project. Depending on the scope of work, the project team may be comprised of a Project Manager, Site/Automation Manager, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Software Engineers, and a Purchasing Manager.

To conclude, be weary of ready to sell price tags, and opt for a solution that is customized for your business needs. Though the quoting process can be thorough, this ensures a high-quality product that is specifically designed to meet your business goals and expectations. What to go further? Check out our Return on Investment formula to dive into numbers. Looking for some guidance? Transbotics has been integrating AGV systems since 1982 and our friendly team is always standing by and ready to assist, contact us today.



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