Why Body Sensing is Essential for Band Saw Safety.

Band saws are an essential tool in the meat processing industry, but can cause severe cuts, muscle and nerve damage, or amputations. 

BladeStop™, with it’s revolutionary body sensing technology reduces the high risk of bandsaw operation related injuries and has a multitude of injury saves reported globally. BladeStop has quickly established a high sense of morale around bandsaw operators within processing plants.

Chris Taylor, National Safety Manager at Woolworths Meat Company came back to Scott after a severe injury was avoided, with the use of BladeStop:

“A Bandsaw operator was cutting Rib Cages in the Boning Room at our WOW Meat Co. Bunbury Site on the 24th of October.

He received a minor cut to the tip of his little finger on his right hand when it made contact with the Bandsaw blade triggering the “Blade Stop” safety mechanism. The “Glove Check” system wasn’t triggered due to obstruction caused by hand & finger placement underneath the primal.

The injury received was very minor in nature compared to the potential had we not implemented BladeStop Bandsaws in our business. We now have 26 BladeStop Bandsaws in operation nationally.  This equipment has all but eliminated serious band saw injury from our business and in turn will continue to prevent our most valuable asset (our people) from being seriously hurt”.

BladeStop’s body sensing technology reduces the risk of serious injury or amputation to a meat saw (band saw) operator. The blade will stop upon sensing skin contact with the blade, meaning that even if the operator’s hand is out of the camera’s vision, the body sensing technology is still there to reduce the risk of injury. Body sensing technology provides a level of protection that a ‘camera only’ systems can not, including: hands/limbs out of camera’s zone, slips and trips onto saws, fatigue and operator mistakes and close cut protection.

Recently, other safety saw solutions that only provide camera “vision only” protection have entered the market, these systems do not protect the operator when their limbs are not in the camera’s sensing area. This includes hands being under the meat whilst it is being processed. Operating a band saw with a vision only system leaves the operator open to serious risk of amputation or severe injury. 



Read more about the advantages of Bladestop & dual sensing technology by visiting the information page.

BladeStop™ was developed by Scott Automation & Robotics in collaboration with MLA and AMPC.

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