X-Ray Inspection Service

Scott offer an X-Ray Inspection Service to help a range of businesses, especially those in FMCG, find contaminants or imperfections in their product.

X-Ray Inspection is a fast and cost effective way to find potential contaminants in products. Common items detected by a service of this kind include nuts, bolts, washers, springs, stones, missing scoops, glass and pieces of plastic.

Some of our customers who have used this service include:

  •  An Ice Cream manufacturer looking for a clip
  •  A Condiments producer with a missing can O-ring
  •  A Cheese producer wanting to find imperfections and cracks within cheese wheels
  •  A Coffee Roaster looking for a stone amongst their beans

Butchers, Beverage Bottlers and Jewelers have also used Scott's X-Ray Inspection service. 

Machine & Products

Contaminated cans & cartons as seen alongside the X-Ray System


Inspection Process

A sample of the contaminant and product, or description, is given to the team who will X-Ray it to be confident the contaminant can be (preferably) automatically detected by the machine. If the contaminant is automatically detectible a buzzer will sound on the machine and the product can be collected for isolation. In some cases the contaminant can be seen but not automatically detected by the system. In those cases, X-Rays will be manually monitored and products believed to have contaminants will be isolated.

Once feasibility is determined the process for inspection is simple. Potentially contaminated products are taken from a pallet at one end of the machine and fed through the X-Ray system. If the product gets the all clear it is immediately loaded back onto a pallet at the other end. This makes the process fast & efficient. The machine can also be transported to your site and used in cold storage areas, maintaining the optimal temperature of your product if needed. 


On-Site & Inter-State Testing

Inspections can be done on the day the samples arrive in our Melbourne facility, which depending on transport could even be the day following your inquiry about the service. Alternatively the machine can be shipped to any site within wider Victoria. At this stage our X-Ray System cannot be shipped and used interstate unless the customer has an existing radiation management license, if you think this may apply to you please mention it to our team. 


Bookings and Questions

To book your X-Ray Inspection Service or to talk with the team about if it will benefit your business contact our Service team today, or call 03 9335 4344.



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