Diamond Valley Pork protects staff with BladeStop

In the interest of protecting its’ people, Diamond Valley Pork (DVP) have installed four BladeStop band saws into its pork processing facility.  For DVP the BladeStop technology has already saved one employee for a serious injury.

Diamond Valley Pork (DVP) is a quality pork processor located in Victoria’s manufacturing food belt, with capacity to process in excess of 3,500 pigs per day, including heavy sows. The boning facility, which also boasts a value adding room, is versatile and has the capacity to bulk, box and vacuum pack. Over the past 15 years DVP have gone from strength to strength, increasing capacity from a single shift operation to night shifts and the installation of a new slaughter floor process line.

With the increased production of ‘bone in’ cuts to its bacon processing, DVP acknowledged an increased use of band saws for processing was required. Initial research into band saw solutions that reduced injury was undertaken to ensure the increased risk of amputation or injury was addressed. In this time period one band saw operator suffered a severe injury, requiring surgery, six weeks off work and twelve months rehabilitation at an ongoing cost to DVP.  Peter Christian, Production Manager stated: “When cutting so many pieces every day, the concern there is that someone is going to cut themselves. We’ve had one serious accident, the young man involved almost amputated his thumb, ourand our view was that BladeStop would have completely eliminated that accident from happening”.















Since the accident, Diamond Valley Pork have installed four BladeStop meat saws into their processing line, trusting the technology to reduce injury risks to their operators. For DVP a key deciding factor to implement BladeStop’s was due to the body sensing technology which provided greater confidence than other systems with only a vision/camera sensing system.

“The body sensing technology is more fool proof, when you’ve got a camera system or an infrared beam system you’ve got too many opportunities for something else to interfere between false activations and non-activations with beams, beam technology and camera technology I’m a lot more confident in the direct sensors”. – Peter Christian, Production Manager.

Since the installation of the saws at DVP BladeStop has already saved one operator from a severe injury. The operator was cutting bacon and put his thumb directly into the band saw blade. BladeStop’s body sensing technology immediately activated and stopped the blade, leaving the operator with a small scratch.

“The incident that happened with the BladeStop is a perfect example of why we believe they work so well, the young individual concerned managed to almost run his thumb through the BladeStop saw but the braking mechanism worked perfectly, the saw did exactly what it was supposed to do – it stopped and prevented a major injury”.

For DVP the BladeStop technology has ensured that the operator did not suffer a horrific injury coupled with a long rehabilitation period and was able to get back to work much faster. DVP takes safety to their workers very seriously and the introduction of this innovative technology has provided confidence to both operators and plant management.

For more information, go to www.bladestop.com


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