Hybrid Palletising System for Cases of Butter

Palletising system featuring conventional and robot palletisers installed by Scott at Müller UK.

Müller is a multinational producer of dairy products. Müller in Market Drayton is the UK’s leading yoghurt manufacturer. They also produce salted, unsalted and lactic butter for both the domestic and international market.


Project Goal

As a result of increased demand, Müller was looking for an increase of the palletising capability in the butter plant.


The installation consists of the following functional blocks:

  • Two single line PL8010 fully automatic palletisers each dedicated to one line. One robot palletiser dedicated to a third line.
  • Whole system installed on the second floor.
  • Dynamic empty pallet buffer system on the second floor.
  • Elevating devices taking the goods from the ground floor to the second floor. The palletising system is located on the second floor.
  • Elevating devices bringing the full pallets to the ground floor.
  • Automatic inter layer sheet dispensers for all the lines.

Hybrid Palletising at Muller


  • Product: Taped sealed carton boxes
  • Dimensions: Three different sizes, up to 25 kg per box
  • Performance: Up to 30 pallets per hour
  • Operation: 24/24 h, 7 days a week

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