Robotic Palletising Solution at Jamestrong-Kyabram

Jamestrong-Kyabram needed to find ways to innovate and improve & increase production capacity. Robotic palletising has increased production to 300 cans per minute. 

Being the largest supplier of infant formula and nutritional powder packaging in Australia, Jamestrong-Kyabram’s overall capacity sits at 500 million cans per annum.

Innovation leads to increased production

Due to strong growth in the infant formula and nutritional powder market, Jamestrong-Kyabram needed to find ways to innovate and improve, specifically to increase production capacity. This led to the investment by Jamestrong-Kyabram in technology provided by SCOTT Automation & Robotics.

Scott Automation & Robotics, part of the SCOTT Technology Group of companies, are a leading provider of automation & robotic solutions globally. SCOTT improve productivity, reliability, yield, and safety for manufacturers and processors across industries including general manufacturing, meat, food and mining.

Robots deliver 300 cans per minute

The Robotic palletising solution has the capacity to palletise 300 cans per minute, a significant increase in production. The new production line at Jamestrong-Kyabram consists of three robots. A Motoman UP50 handling the unrolled tin sheets used to create the cans while two KUKA KR180’s operate simultaneously to handle the palletising component of the system. One robot uses a magnetic gripper designed to pick and place a complete layer of cans onto the pallets, the second KUKA robot uses a vacuum gripper to manage the divider boards and top frames. In addition to the palletising robots, the infeed and outfeed conveyors were supplied by our partner Cantech Engineering based in Kyabram. The safety guarding around the robot system complete with interlocked doors addresses the workplace health and safety requirements.

Flexibility and space key to success

The SCOTT Automation & Robotics system at Jamestrong-Kyabram has delivered a flexible solution capable of handling multiple pallets of varying products at high speed. The compact footprint achieved by the robotic cell design was also a critical factor for the success of the new production line.

  • Adding up the benefits
  • Innovative Solution
  • Improved Production
  • Flexibility of System
  • Reduced Space
  • 24/7 Support

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