RoboPrep Elite

ROCKLABS & SCOTT Technology, world leaders in sample preparation equipment & automation, have recently developed a robotic sample preparation system to meet their customers' specific requirements.

RoboPrep provides an efficient and productive process for continuous preparation of high quality samples for analysis. The automated system is a fully enclosed cell and now features the Rocklabs Gryst Mill for world leading mill performance and processing time.

The Rocklabs Roboprep System is designed to accept Drill Core, Reverse Circulation and Blast Hole samples, providing enhanced capability and flexibility for both commercial and minesite laboratories. The system layout typically features three separate robot cells, performing crushing of samples up to 10kg, followed by splitting, pulverising and dosing for fire assay.

Samples are loaded into bins, before being picked up by the first robot. Inside the crush cell, there is one Big Boyd Crusher and 3 Boyd Elite Crusher modules, bypass feeders & Linear Sample Dividers (LSD). Samples pass through these to the pulverise cell of 6 Automated Batch Mills, with integrated sand washing, before being split into Pulp Aliquot, Replicate, and Archive splits and loaded into Cassettes for changeover & further analysis.

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