Robotics keeping manufacturing competitive and in Australia.

Since 2007 PPC Moulding Services have been focused on producing quality injection mouldings for the medical and related industries. 

As a specialist company, PPC work not only with thermosets and thermoplastics but also silicon and silicon over moulding. The company’s silicon moulding ability to flash down to 5 microns and process over one million parts a week made PPC’s journey to automation a necessity to stay competitive.

PPC partnered with Scott Automation & Robotics to automate their plasma treating of their small plastic medical parts. With the Plasma head becoming quite heavy for the operator after a period of time, PPC wanted to address the WH&S issues in addition to the manual inconsistencies. The system needed to be intuitive and adaptive for not only for their Australian site but also their global operation in Malaysia. 

SCOTT chose the collaborative range from Universal Robots as the ideal solution to implement due to their lightweight, portability and low power range which suited PPC’s requirements in their global operations. The Universal Robot’s ease of programming and the e-learning capabilities allowed PPC to easily skill multiple operators to be proficient in operating the system.  With the plant operating 24 hours, 6 days per week having the team trained and capable to operate the system was critical. 

The system combined a UR5 Collaborative Robot, with an Acrotec’s ArcoSpot® Plasma torch to create an automated plasma torch solution. The initial installation was implemented into PPC’s Malaysian plant to such success that two more units were built and installed into the Australian operation at their Villawood plant in Sydney. 

PPC saw adding robots alongside their operators as a vital step to address WH&S issues, keep business local, increase productivity, efficiencies and revenue. Since the implementation PPC have seen an increase in output of several thousand units per week.

“Automation is an obvious step, it’s a big step, it can be expensive, but you look at those returns that you get and we see that as a vital step for us to remain in business, and to be successful in business in Australia” – Grahame Ashton, Director.

The system implementation and partnership with SCOTT has been very successful and delivered PPC with the right efficiencies to stay competitive as a manufacturer in Australia.

For more information on Universal Robots click here.

Robotics keep PPC Moulding manufacturing competitive in Australia


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