Rocklabs AD3000

The AD3000 is an automated dosing system that is capable of accurately dosing up to 3000 samples into test tubes and crucibles every 24 hours.

The AD3000 uses a Cartesian gantry robot to pick and place test tubes and crucibles from rack positions and into the dosing units. The AD3000 provides improved processing speed, high reliability, self-cleaning features, and trouble free operation while also being low maintenance.


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Short Payback

This system was developed for base metal dosing at a large mine site laboratory to deliver significant productivity improvements without increasing labour, and with a short payback period.

Precision and Reliability

The AD3000 uses a cartesian gantry robot to pick and place test tubes and crucibles from rack positions and into the dosing units. The simplicity of the 3 axis robot ensures reliability and

Low Maintenance and Ease of Use

Designed for trouble free operation, the AD3000 software has been developed for usability to operate, monitor and maintain the system. The dosing stations have a self cleaning cycle run after every sample to minimise any potential cross contamination, utilising air blasts and vacuum.


The system is designed to machine safety regulations with electrical and pneumatic isolation, and all doors are equipped with safety locks.

The Process

There are four stand alone dosing units in the AD3000, each equipped with a load cell and a sample dosing mechanism. An output weight is assigned to each sample, usually between 0.1 and 0.25 gms, which is determined from a fully integrated LIMS database in the laboratory. The gripper and dosing units are equipped with fibre optic sensors and track all samples at every stage.


Height: 2600mm
Width: 1800mm
Depth: 2230mm
Weight: 2000kg


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