The ROCKLABS AP200 enables samples to be processed safely, efficiently and consistently at pre-determined specifications resulting in enhanced analytical data.


Designed to process up to 200 samples per day, the AP200 is comprised of a sample lifter, touch-screen control console, crushing-splitting tower, sample and waste removal conveyors and a Continuous Ring Mill combo with built-in Rotating Sample Divider (CRM – RSD) for pulverising-splitting.

  • Includes a BOYD® Crusher and Linear Sample Divider
  • CRM – RSD with a double tiered head provides a fine product and accurate split
  • Sensor used to maintain safety and control various moving components
  • Processing controlled by a PLC for pre-determining processing parameters


Maximum input weight

Up to 15kg


Production rate

Up to 15 samples per hour: average 4 - 5 minutes per sample


Product size

-2mm (+80%)


Maximum input lump size

Up to 55mm


Crushed product size



Final output size

95% passing 100µm

System Dimensions

Length x Height x Width

4330 x 3070 x 3240mm


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