Rocklabs AP300

The AP300 features dual systems for complete processing of blast hole, R.C. and drill core samples. System one is designed for blast hole and R.C. samples only and the second for both drill core and blast hole samples.


The two Systems have been built in a number of combinations of different modules: crushing-splitting modules, conveyor modules, pulverising-splitting modules, sample collecting modules and an LCD touch-screen control console. Sensors are used throughout the System to control various moving components and for safety purposes.

System for blast-hole and R.C. samples:

  • Clear, user-friendly console with weighing scale
  • PLC - calculates percentages required for each split
  • Crushing-splitting module – bin lifter, shaking screen and LSD
  • Pulverising-splitting module – double-tier head for fine pulverising and LSD
  • Sample collecting module – final splits collected in steel cups on X-Y table

System for drill core, underground, blast hole and R.C samples:

  • As per system one, with an extra module incorporating a sample lifter and Big BOYD® Crusher.
  • Large sample lumps are pre-crushed with Big BOYD Crusher before further crushing with the BOYD Crusher.
  • Big BOYD Crusher incorporates a new blockage sensor and thermocouples to monitor bearing temperatures. 


Maximum input weight Up to 30kg

Production rate Approx 5-6 min per sample


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