Applied Robotics Australia

Applied Robotics is a leading global provider of specialised end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions designed to meet unique application and market needs – bringing new levels of flexibility and efficiency to bear on the industrial material handling process.

SCOTT have been appointed as a local sales agent for Applied Robotics products which include:

Electic Grippers

These grippers are designed for use with robotic and other automated systems. All motion control capability is included in the gripper housing; no auxiliary control hardware is required. They feature serial interfaces that connect the gripper to a robot controller, PLC or computer.

Pneumatic Grippers

The Applied Robotics multi-jaw pneumatic grippers (including parallel and toggle,including 2 and 3 jaw versions, parallel grippers, O-ring grippers, angular grippers, rotary actuators, power and linear slides, linear thrusters, mini powered slides, feed escapements and gripper and rotary modules) can be customized with a variety of unique fingers to handle just about anything.


The great flexibility of a robot is the ability to utilise a large range of tools available on the market enabling many different functions to be undertaken.

Force and Torque Sensors

Sensor systems are now able to measure force and torque across all axis that the robot operates on. An example is a complex assembly robot that may be operating on 6 different axes.

Deburring Tools

A major use for robots is found in the areas of deburring, as part of the engineering process. Tools today include robust, high-speed, light-weight air tools with axially compliant cutting files enabling extremely accurate and complex manufacturing capabilities to be set up.

Tool Changers

With such a range of accessories available quick-change robotic tool changer provide the flexibility to automatically change end-effectors or other peripheral tools, enabling much more flexibility in the total robotic solution being implemented.


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