Applied Robotics Grippers

Applied Robotics (ARI) offers a wide variety of pneumatic and electric servo grippers in both standard and heavy duty.

Ranging from vacuum, O-ring and needle styles to traditional angular and parallel configurations with long jaw travel and 180 degrees rotation. ARI has a gripper to fit your needs.

Servo Gripper - features specially designed fingers and force control, allowing it to handle tubes, vials, plates and lids delicately, white stilt guaranteeing repeatability

Pneumatic Gripper - allows for greater efficiency and repeatability through more precise handling of materials


Heavy Duty Bag Gripper

Applied Robotics’ heavy duty bag gripper is designed for palletizing applications involving the placement of various sizes and weights of bags over 50 lbs. It features split-fork design and clamp pads to prevent misalignment and maintain palletizing consistency.

Features and Benefits

  • Capable of 20+ cycles per minute, dependent upon robot and distance travelling
  • Capable of palletizing bags over 50 lbs./22.68 kg
  • A sensor to verify presence/absence of bag in the gripper
  • Utilises dry lube bearings and is hard coated for protection in extreme environments
  • All electrical connections between valves, sensors and the junction box, as well as the electrical cable and connector, are provided for easy robot integration

 Datasheet (Heavy Duty Bag Gripper)

Meat Gripper

When food items are packaged and headed down the conveyor belt for palletizing, often the odd piece is misaligned. This is one reason the food processing industry turns to Applied Robotics for solutions like collision sensors or grippers that quickly detect positioning issues, handle food safely and protect the larger investment in robotics equipment. Another issue is cleanliness. There is nothing more important when working with food than keeping things sanitary.

Applied Robotics’ Meat Gripper is the only gripper to earn acceptance by the USDA. It is designed to handle all types of meats, bacon, fish, and cheese in various forms; fresh, frozen and sliced. The rapid open & close times and smooth movement make it ideal for use on today’s high-speed robots. The unique pickup head allows portions or groups of portions to be loaded gently, accurately and quickly into various types of packaging.

Datasheet (FDA Meat Gripper)


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