Applied Robotics Collision Sensors

Applied Robotics QuickSTOP Sensors provide the ultimate collision detection solution for your tooling. The sensors are uniquely designed to help protect your investment in automation equipment.


Applied Robotics’ QuickSTOP collision sensors are at work on just about every type of assembly line in the world. With dynamically variable trip points and permanent repeatability, they’re uniquely designed to help protect your investment in automation equipment and resources.

Key Features:

  • Effectively protects tooling—infinitely adjustable to provide tuned protection that the robot’s servo protection cannot match.
  • Unique air chamber design—holds tooling and payload rigid and secure during normal operation.
  • Dynamically variable trip points—program the collision sensor to match your application.
  • Permanent repeatability—non-compressive, metal-to-metal seal ensures reliable and leak-free operation.
  • Senses angular, rotational, and compressive forces— our unique design offers protection in the 0x, 0y and 0z axes.
  • Quick reaction time—air chamber design means instant shut-down signal. No reaction time is lost waiting for a deflection to occur.
  • Monitors performance readiness—the ready-to-perform signal from the pressure switch lets you know the QuickSTOP™ is properly reset and pressurized.
  • QuickSTOP™ becomes compliant—its non-resistive compliancy on impact removes the force from your tool and robot wrist.
  • Low mass and profile—the compact size of QuickSTOP™ makes it easy to fit into any workcell.


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