Applied Robotics Tool Changers

Automatic tool changers reside between a robotic arm and it's tooling allowing the robot to change tools and support utilities on the fly, with no work stoppage. Tool Changers ensure efficiency and maximise productivity.

The new Epsilon™ incorporates advantages of three previous generations of Applied Robotics, Inc. tool changers with enhancements for today’s faster and stronger robots.


The Epsilon tool changers from Applied Robotics have superior features for today's production environment.  They provide a strong and reliable method for a manipulator (i.e., a robot) to quickly change between different tools/end-effectors. The Applied Robotics tool changes are the perfect solution for application challenges – in assembly, dispensing, material handling and welding.



  • Locking mechanism as secure at 5 million cycles as first cycle 
  • Positive retract
  • Improved size to payload ratio
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Couple/uncouple sensing
  • Direct bolt to ISO 9409-1 patterns
  • Noise Emissions <70 dB(A)
  • Lifetime warranty on coupling mechanism parts


Epsilon Tool Changers Brochure

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