Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) provide a cost-efficient automated materials handling solution to transport pallets, cartons and products throughout your warehouse or manufacturing facility. With the ability to be installed into an existing facility, AGV’s provide a safe, cost-effective and reliable option.
AGV automation can complete tasks such as pallet loading and handling, transportation of goods, pallet wrapping, tracking of cartons and products, barcode scanning, right through to container loading.


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An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) solution offers the following advantages over the traditional palletising or warehousing solutions


Easy implementation into existing production space. Minimal modifications are required to existing buildings with no additional fixed structures required.


Fully electric Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) with high capacity batteries provide reliable 24/7 operation.  An added benefit of implementing multiple AGV’s ensures improve system redundancy issues which are traditionally created by pallet conveyor faults.

Product Traceability

Ability to incorporate barcode scanning which provides fully traceable identification of all product movements throughout production, processing and distribution

Cost Efficiency

With the ability to work continuously 24/7, 365 days a year AGV’s can provide increased production with a reduction in labour costs.

Health & Safety

Pallet handling operations are streamlined by reducing forklift movements which are both labour intensive and create safety concerns.  With the advanced safety and sensing systems on AGV’s there are no damages to cartons, products, buildings, machinery or staff.   Reduced emissions and noise also ensure a healthier working environment.

Food Safety

An automated system can eliminate human handling during end-of-line tasks, reducing contamination risks and providing extended product shelf life.

24/7 Service & Support

Logistical flexibility allowing easy updates and modifications. Localised 24/7 service through SCOTT’s extensive service network.

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