Beef Rib Cutter / Scriber

SCOTT Automation and Robotics understands that scribing is the first point at which yield can be lost during the boning process of beef. Implementation of the beef technology solution, such as the Robotic Beef Scriber, can provide the accuracy required to maximise yield and remove the risks and loss of yield associated with the use of unskilled labour.


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The Robotic Beef Scriber utilises a robot integrated with a scribing saw and sensing technologies to accurately establish positions and profiles prior to cutting.  

  • Labour saving of approximately 2-3 operators per working shift
  • Species – Beef
  • OH&S – eliminates risk of strain, injury & trauma from using dangerous equipment
  • Improved processing efficiencies – less rework due to consistent and repeatable operations
  • Increased Yield Gain – consistency and quality of operation leads to smooth downstream operations
  • Reduced Contamination – reduced contamination compared to manual operations

The system uses a combination of X-ray (DEXA), 3d scanners, colour camera and robotics.

The Robotic Beef Scriber is being developed in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia.


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