Brisket Cutter

The Automated Robotic Brisket Cutter machine was designed by SCOTT Automation and Robotics replaces manual brisket shear operations for lamb, sheep and goat processing. This innovative processing technology has been in production since 2008 and allows for automatic brisket applications.


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Interfaced to an industrial robot, the Robotic Brisket Cutter machine utilises a circular breaking saw fitted with a dustless micro toothed blade. This design allows for significant reduction saw dust, ensuring a clean and accurate cut.

Offering a payback of less than 2 years the Robotic Brisket Cutter fulfills your meat cutting automation needs.

Labour saving of 1 operator per working shift

  • Line Speed – can operate at +10/min
  • Species – Lamb, Sheep & Goat Processing
  • OH&S – reduced injuries and accidents
  • Productivity/Efficiencies – improved process eliminates incidence of internal organ puncture
  • Accuracy – briskets cut on centre
  • Yield Gain – reduced trimming & rework
  • Hygiene– proven reduction in contamination compared to manual operations

The Robotic Brisket Cutter is a commercially available system that has been developed by SCOTT in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).


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