Cat-Tite is a catenary tensioning device designed to provide a fast, simple and secure wire installation. Superseding the turnbuckle, Cat-Tite makes the job simpler and faster.


Developed by DC Ross in collaboration with electricians, Cat-Tite works on a self-locking ratchet. Cat-Tite provides an infinite number of turns, offering 300mm of maximum tensioning capacity compared to 60mm with a traditional turnbuckle. Cat-Tite can be tensioned using common tools or even another Cat-Tite.

Key Features:

  • No need for a Cat-Tite at each end unlike traditional turnbuckle
  • Can be tightened with any suitable tool e.g. pliers, screwdriver etc.
  • Can be tensioned up to 300mm
  • Can be retensioned in-situ

Cat-Tite does the job quicker and easier than anything else on the market. There is no need to loop wire or guess the required length, simply fit the wire end, do the ratchet up and tension.


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