Robotic Container Loading

The Robotic Container Loading system is designed to replace the very labour intensive, manual completion of container loading that requires lifting of heavy boxes (up to 30kg) with high OH&S risks. The system utilises a robot mounted on an automated guided vehicle to perform this task. The solution includes a world-class vision system and quality assurance technology that is able to trace every single package and remove any damaged cartons and highlights accuracy, efficiency, productivity and safety.


System operation involves:

  • Cartons are conveyed via traversable conveyor fixed to an AGV system
  • All barcodes on cartons are scanned for traceability and confirmation
  • All cartons are 3D profiled to detect carton bulge
  • Cartons are then unloaded from conveyor by the robot mounted on an AGV and stacked in required stacking pattern inside the container
  • AGV, robot and conveyor traverses in an out of container as required
  • Cycle repeats until the container is full

Features & Benefits

  • Labour reduction
  • Reject reduction: minimise product loss and rejection
  • OH&S: reduced injuries and accidents
  • Traceability: proof of load, traceability of loaded carton scanned and catalogued
  • Quality: reduced manual handling promotes better quality end product
  • Automation: provides ideal platform for carton automation (chiller, freezers, sortation, palletising)
  • Improved rates: quicker loading times, improving turnaround time & cartoon cooling efficiencies
  • Improved efficiencies: consistent and repeatable operations

 This is a development project in collaboration with MLA & AMPC.


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