DEXA (Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry) Objective Carcass Measurement provides a measurement of lamb carcass composition, which in the SCOTT system is used to provide a measure of lean, fat and bone ratio for each product.
DEXA has been used for decades in the medical industry to measure bone density and body fat composition.

In the red meat industry, DEXA technology provides timely, accurate, transparent and objective information on the lean meat, bone and fat composition of each carcass.

OPTIMISE CARCASSES TO PRODUCT Processors can use data from the DEXA OCM System to select carcass inventory yielding the highest return for current orders, increasing bottom line profit.

AUTOMATION BENEFITS Anatomical geometry measured by the DEXA can be used to drive automated de-boning.

THROUGHPUT Designed to integrate with Boning room or Slaughter continuous chain. Up to 30 hot or chilled carcasses per minute can be processed through the system without the need for a human operator.

IMPROVE GENETICS Individual carcass DEXA measurements can be linked to animal identification and tracking systems. This provides valuable yield feedback to processors, producers and seed-stock suppliers. 


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