DriedFresh OVDMA Dryer

The driedfresh Osmotic Vacuum Drying in a Modified Atmosphere (OVDMA) system offers the world a unique technology to improve preservation of leafy greens and soft commodities.


driedfresh is a unique oxygen free, low temperature (<35c), medium to high vacuum drying process, perfect for fruit, leafy greans, emergency and ready meals, speciality ingredients, bulk dried food ingredients, nutraceuticals, medicinals, scientific research and document recovery.
driedfresh combines the best aspects of aseptic preservation methods such as canning (long shelf life, dry storage, ambient temp distribution) with the low weight of competing freeze/thermal dried products and the qualities of fresh food.


driedfresh offers many unique advantages compared to the two primary drying technologies used today by performing gentle drying at less than 35C in an oxygen free vacuum chamber. Driedfresh is suitable for the drying of fresh produce, meats or seafood and offers reduced cost, increased speed and end product quality when compared to Thermal and Freeze Drying technology.


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