Eirich draw on a wealth of expertise which has been built up during the company’s more than 100-year history of close co-operation with clients throughout the world in the field of industrial processing technology.
The core areas of expertise are continuous and discontinuous processes for mixing, granulating/pelletizing, drying and fine grinding. Main application areas include concrete, dry mortar, plasters, building materials, sand lime bricks, ceramics, refractories, glass, carbon bodies, friction linings, battery compounds for rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, metallurgy, foundry molding sand and environmental protection.

Eirich Mixers:

  • Batch mixers
  • Continuous mixers
  • Vacuum mixers
  • Mixing reactors
  • Laboratory mixers
  • Cooling mixers


A summary of the advantages of Eirich drying technology:

  • Any consistency can be processed without problems – no need for pre-conditioning
  • No material build-up on heated walls or installed parts
  • Granulates with the highest densities/powder densities
  • Seals are not in direct contact with the product
  • Easy change of formulas with short start-up and stop times
  • Moisture and product quality adjustable over a wide range – from powdery to granular

Granulating and pelletizing mixers


Molding compounds, molecular strainers, proppants, varistor compounds, dental compounds, cutting ceramics, grinding agents, oxide ceramics, grinding balls, ferrites, etc.

Building materials

Porosity agents for bricks, expanded clay, pearlite, etc.


Glass powder, carbon, lead glass mixtures, etc.


Zinc and lead ore, aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, iron ore, etc.

Agricultural chemistry

Lime hydrate, dolomite, phosphate fertilizer, peat fertilizer, mineral compounds, sugar beet seeds, etc.

Environmental protection

Cement filter dusts, fly ash, slurries, dusts, lead oxide, etc.

Fine Grinding

Eirich have developed the continuously operating agitated media mill MaxxMill® which, 
thanks to its special design, offers many advantages for users in terms of:

  • Costs and quality
  • Process control and service

Especially suitable for:

  • Dry grinding to below 5µm
  • Iron-free wet grinding
  • Re-grinding (dry / wet) in order to optimize existing grinding systems

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