Robotic End of Line Palletising

A Robotic End-of-Line (EOL) palletising system can make a significant difference to your production rates and your cost effectiveness.

Scott Automation & Robotics’ EOL robotic palletising system provides the flexibility to palletise single or multiple production lines simultaneously, markedly increasing output and decreasing overhead costs. The flexibility of the design allows multiple smaller cells to be installed in existing palletising areas, or product can be conveyed to a centralised area for palletising by a larger cell.

Design flexibility enables the robotic EOL palletiser to be integrated into your existing production space, allowing installation and commissioning with minimum disruption.


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Features & Benefits

  • Decreased labour costs
  • Increased production output
  • Reduced product damage
  • Flexibility to palletise single or multiple product lines simultaneously 

System Operation

  • An operator places an empty pallet in the pallet station
  • The system is started via a robot control pendant, where the operator confirms the product to be palletised
  • The carton travels down the infeed conveyor and is aligned by a squaring bar
  • The robot transfers the carton from the infeed conveyor to the pallet station, repeating the cycle until the pallet load is complete
  • The operator removes the pallet and replaces it with an empty pallet and re-starts the system


Case Studies

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