Forequarter Sani Vac

The Robotic Forequarter Sani Vac by SCOTT Automation and Robotics (Previously MAR) is an automatic steam vacuum that replaces manual leg, neck, and brisket steam vacuum sanitisation for lamb, sheep and goat processing.

In production since 2008, this system uses a customised steam vacuum wand delivering steam to loosen soil, kill bacteria and remove contaminants.

Offering a payback of less than 1.5 years the Robotic Sani Vac systems fulfil your automatic steam vacuum needs.

  • Labour saving of 1 operator per working shift
  • Line Speed – can operate at +10/min
  • Species – Lamb, Sheep & Goat Processing
  • OH&S – reduced injuries and accidents
  • Productivity/Efficiencies – Improved process with consistent and repeatable operations
  • Yield Gain – reduced trimming & rework
  • Hygiene – reduced contamination compared to manual operations (proven)

 The Forequarter Sani-Vac is a commercially available system that was developed in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia.


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