Hide Palletiser

The Hide Palletiser automatically weighs and palletises beef hides in a safe and consistent manner, removing the need for manual handling and keeping operators away from high levels of forklift traffic. By integrating with the customer’s information systems, improved traceability and process optimisation is also achieved by logging and reporting of plant throughput, hide quality and occurrence of defects, and accurate stock-keeping of palletised hides.


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After wringing and grading is performed on the hides, they are transported to the Scott system where they are dropped onto folding tables and folded manually. Once folded they enter the Hide Palletiser System and are weighed. Hides are then palletised automatically to one of ten pallet stations based on your preference of weight, grade and/or destination. Once a pallet is full, the door to the pallet station will open, allowing the pallet to be safely removed by forklift, before being replenished with a new pallet.


  • Safe and consistent palletising
  • Automatically weighs and palletises beef hides
  • Removes the need for manual handling
  • Keeps operators away from high levels of forklift traffic, improving site safety
  • Integration with factory information systems, improving traceability
  • Logging and reporting of plant throughput, quality and the occurrence of defects
  • Accurate stock-keeping of palletised hides


  • Folded hides are palletised automatically to pallets of designated classification (quality, weight grades and/or destination)
  • Scalable throughput up to 450+ hides per hour with a unique gantry design
  • Scalable design to accommodate multiple pallet form stations (10 pallet former stations in example shown)
  • Easy to use hide classification console/station for the selection of quality, grade and/or destination
  • Able to integrate into production SCADA systems for automated classifcation - information tracked with every hide
  • Ethernet connected
  • Integrated scales for weighing of hides
  • Multiple feed lines (two by default)
  • Fully guarded to meet required safety standards
  • High grade stainless steel to withstand high salt, chemical, pressure and temperature environments

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