Hindquarter System

The Hindquarter System automates the removal of lamb legs from the aitchbone.
The system delivers substantially improved yield and room throughput.


Key Advantages:

Yield Improvements
Approximately 50 grams per carcass.

Consistent Throughput
Boning room throughput and operational efficiencies can increase by approximately 4% due to a consistent flow of product.

Labour Efficiency and Safety
Elimination of labour intensive manual leg boning tasks reduces staff training costs and the occurrence of repetitive strain injury.

Food Safety
The system eliminates human intervention in the leg boning task, reducing contamination risk and providing extended product shelf life.

Cut Quality
Robotic sensing enables highly accurate, cleaner cuts and reduces product waste.

Robotic Sensing
The robotic cutting system reads information from x-ray data, hindquarter shape and cutting force to guide the robot’s knife with far greater accuracy and consistency than human operator capabilities. The system precisely detects the shape of the aitch bone and directs the robot to produce optimal cuts.

Robotic Boning Arm
The robot arm produces cuts with a specially designed knife. The robot automatically sterilizes the knife between carcasses and automatically replaces the blade when it becomes blunt.

Automatic Handling
The system automatically loads hindquarters from a rail, bones them and directs the product to out feed conveyors. The automated handling system removes the need for human operators, reduces contamination risks and improves safety.


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