Beef Hock Cutter

The Robotic Beef Hock/Hoof Cutter replaces the manual hock cutting operations for beef processing. This beef technology solution utilises a robot with integrated sensing to profile, detect and accurately cut the hock.


  • Labour saving of 1-2 operator per working shift
  • Line Speed – 210 head/hour “continuous line”
  • OH&S – reduced injuries and accidents
  • Productivity – consistent and repeatable operations with reduced rework
  • Efficiencies – minimise waste & flexibility to change cut specifications on requests
  • Increased Yield – accurate cuts referencing dew claws allow for better tendon recovery
  • Hygiene – reduced contamination compared to manual operations

The Robotic Beef Hock/Hoof cutting system is a proven beef technology system, running in production in conjunction with other meat robot systems by SCOTT. This innovative meat technology was developed in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia.


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