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Jäger high-frequency spindles are technically sophisticated products with the highest precision, stability, and running smoothness. Constant development and ongoing quality checks guarantee the performance required for high-precision machining tasks.


Jäger High-Performance Spindles utilise hybrid ceramic ball bearings. These bearings have standard steel bearing races and are matched with silicon nitride balls.

SCOTT offer the following Jager products:

M-Spindles, Z-Spindles, SK-Spindles, Flange Spindles, Chopper Series

Advantages of hybrid bearings over normal spindle bearings:

  •     Longer service life
  •     Reduced wear
  •     Low abrasive wear out
  •     Low friction coefficient
  •     Higher speeds
  •     Low heat conductivity
  •     Corrosion resistant
  •     Non-magnetic
  •     Electrically isolating
  •     Improved machining accuracy
  •     Higher rigidity of bearing arrangement
  •     Small thermal expansion
  •     Low vibration impulse by ceramic balls

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