Kidney Fat Removal

The Robotic Kidney Fat Removal system by SCOTT Automation and Robotics replaces the manual kidney fat removal process for smallstock, lamb, sheep and goat processing.


Ensuring all fat is removed from every carcass the Robotic Kidney Fat Removal system means less rework for the removal of kidney fat in boning after chilling. Providing an increased yield of around 11% this system is at the forefront smallstock, lamb, goat and sheep technology.

In production since 2006, ROI is less than 2 years inclusive of labour savings, operating costs and OH&S.

Features & Benefits 

  • Labour saving of approximately 1 to 2 operators per working shift
  • Line Speed – +10 carcasses per min
  • Species – Lamb Sheep and Goat processing
  • OH&S – reduced injuries and accidents
  • Productivity – ensure fat removal from every carcass
  • Efficiency – less rework for removal of kidney fat in boning after chilling
  • Increased Yield – removal of more fat prior to weighing “+11%”
  • Hygiene – microbiological tests prove reduced contamination compared to manual operations

The Robotic Kidney Fat Removal system is a commercially available system that was developed in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia.


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