LED Automould System

Our proprietary compression moulding method lowers manufacturing costs while creating higher quality output. By eliminating the need for release film and additional changing of the release film each cycle, Automould achieves higher productivity and faster machine time than regular release film systems.


The Scott Automould machine is designed for LED semiconductor manufacturers.  It’s a novel compression moulding machine that locates silicone domes on a diode array. Domed LED’s are used for high power and directional light applications and in the market place production is relatively expensive.  Automould's specifically designed process allows production costs to be cut by totally eliminating the need for traditional release film whilst retaining or improving product quality. In addition, operating at a higher temperature results in curing the silicone faster, significantly reducing cycle time and increasing throughput.

Automould press has been designed for flexibility and can easily be adapted for alternate overmoulding forms.


Productivity, cost and other benefits:

  • Does not use release film, resulting in savings on expensive consumables.
  • Shorter machine time due to no release film loading/unloading.
  • Does not rely on stretched condition of release film in cavity resulting in a consistent dome shape with more consistent light output parameters.
  • Creates a higher quality product by eliminating wrinkles on the moulded surface caused by release films and vacuum reliability.
  • Has the ability to mould non-spherical shapes.



  • No release film reduces the cost of consumables, while eliminating wrinkles and creases in the silicone.
  • Operates at a higher temperature, resulting in faster curing with a 40% faster machine cycle time than equivalent machines.
  • Excellent value proposition based on savings of up to $1.00 USD per substrate combined with up to 67% more throughput per machine.


Alternative uses:

  • Can be used as a solution for both High Power and Mid Power LED's requiring over moulded optics for efficient light extraction
  • Can be used for over moulding of secondary lenses (non-spherical shapes)

Maximum Substrate Size:
150mm x 150mm

2.1m (L) x 1.0m (W) x 1.8m (H)


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