LED Meat Inspection Lighting

SCOTT LED Meat Inspection lights are designed to be installed directly overhead to provide excellent task lighting and significantly improve defect detection.


SCOTT Meat Inspection lights are designed to provide natural lighting to assist with defect detection, primarily designed for lamb carcass inspection but can be utilised for other species and applications. With a range of colour temperatures and optional >90 CRI our lights are capable of providing the critical components of colour rendering, providing exceptionally accurate colour representation.


  • Highly efficient, robust and low maintenance modular LED high bay with system efficacy of 128 lumens/watt.
  • Can utilise CRI >90 to provide extremely natural lighting to aid defect detection.
  • Built in capabilities allow for integration with PIR or daylight harvesting sensors. Available as an option on request.
  • Finless design specifically for use in wash down and dirty environments.
  • Certified for IP65, AS/NZS, IEC 60598 safety and CISPR15.
  • Five-year warranty.

Materials and Finish:

  • The housing is constructed using anodized or powder coated aluminium with powder coated aluminium die casted end caps. They also have impact resistant PC-V0 front clear covers which act as a flame retardant.
  • The reflector consists of WhiteOptics diffuser backing with a sealed plastic front cover.

The SCOTT point of difference is our in-house design expertise delivering a highly efficient, customisable, modular lighting solution built from quality components. Our lights are all designed with our customers in mind, and are built to last in the rugged environments where they are installed.

You can view more detailed information including technical specifications in our LED Meat Inspection Light Brochure.


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