SCOTT LED specialise in high-quality lighting for commercial and industrial applications. The SCOTT point of difference is proprietary technology for cool-running LEDs. This combined with in-house design expertise delivers a highly efficient, customisable, modular lighting solution built from quality components. Through our in-house design specialists and on site factory, we can deliver customised solutions from layout through to manufacturing.



  • Highly energy efficient with excellent operational and luminous performance
  • Exceptional reliability, operating lifetime of more than 70,000 hours. Five-year warranty
  • Modular, customisable, easily retrofitted into existing installations 
  • Certified to AS/NZS safety standards (AS/NZS 60598 & CISPR 15)
  • Directional control of light with wide range of optics to suit users' needs
  • Flicker-free dimming options available
  • Available in cool white, daylight white and warm white
  • Standard housings are powder costed. Anodised aluminium and epoxy coated housing options available


Industrial and Commercial Lighting

SCOTT LED lighting guarantees a long life cycle, high durability and low-cost operation due to a patented thermal management solution. Reliable low-cost solutions with low energy usage.

Cold Food Processing Facility/Factory

SCOTT LED has designed high performance LED lighting solutions to improve the quality and quantity of light in cold process environments to significantly reduce operating costs and improve plant safety.

Low LED operating temperature

Low operating temperature means longer life. SCOTT patented energy transfer mechanism enables the production of LED lighting systems with an operating life that is twice as long as standard industrial LED lighting. Low LED operating temperatures are achieved by a patented thermal transfer system that allows bonding of the LED heat sink pad directly onto a copper base. The high-thermal-conductivity and low-spreading resistance of the substrate base enable faster heat transfer from the LED semiconductor junction.

Modular design and easy installation

SCOTT LED can be customised to ensure they deliver the most efficient solution for varying mounting height and applications. All SCOTT LED lighting solutions are fitted with industry standard interconnections.

Durability, long life-cycle and low-cost operation

SCOTT LEDs are built to offer superior lifetime economy and performance through the use of SCOTT’s patented LED mounting substrate. High luminary efficiency of more than 115 lumens per watt ensures low operational costs.

Stringent quality and performance requirements

SCOTT LED lighting feature LM80 certified high-power LED modules from industry leaders CREE, Lumileds, Osram, Samsung and LG Electronics. All LED modules and Power supplies are backed by 5-year performance warranty.


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