Middle System

The SCOTT Middle System is comprised of several stations that can be configured according to the customer's requirements.


The stations conduct the following operations:

  • Removing Spinal Cord: The middle is automatically loaded into the machine which locates the spinal cord holes at either end of the saddle section then, with a combination of vacuum and compressed air, removes spinal cord materials to a vessel.
  • Splitting Station: This splits the loin from the rack and features a yield maximising scallop cut which can't be performed by a band saw operator. There is no band saw waste.
  • Flap Cutting: Flaps are accurately removed to the precise distance specified from the edge of the eye meat. The distance from the eye meat is automatically measured for each saddle.
  • Chining: This chine bones the rack saddle, with cutting blades adjusted according to the size of each individual rack. Automatic adjustment here can add up to 5 grams of yield per carcass.
  • Splitting: The rack saddle is split perfectly down the spinal cord hole.

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