OnRobot Grippers - Australia

SCOTT has been appointed as an official distributor for OnRobot Grippers in Australia to complement the Universal Robots collaborative range of robots.

The OnRobot Grippers have an innovative Plug & Produce design that helps manufacturers take full advantage of the benefits of collaborative robots: ease of use, cost-effectiveness and safe use alongside human workers. Our grippers mount directly on the robot arm, are highly flexible and are simple enough to be programmed and operating without the need for engineers, helping speed development and affordably automating processes.


Features and Benefits 

  • Plug and Play
  • Adjustable force
  • Control two grippers
  • Failsafe operation
  • Continuous force
  • Simple programming
  • Integrated control board
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Designed for all UR robots

The installation complexity is minimal as the cable attaches directly onto any robot from Universal Robots. All configurations of the gripper are controlled by the Universal Robots software.

OnRobot RG2 Gripper

Designed for a perfect fit on Universal’s UR3 UR5 and UR10 robots and is both flexible and easy to use. The long stroke allows the gripper to handle a variety of object sizes. and combined with the high flexibility and easy programming helps to reduce payback time of the installation. The RG2 gripper works without any external cables, so any robot movement can be carried out without worrying about cable placement.

A secondary RG2 gripper can be connected if so required, allowing two grippers to be controlled by the robot – still without any external cables.

OnRobot RG6 Gripper

The RG6 gripper is a flexible electric gripper specially designed for robots from Universal Robots. The long stroke allows the gripper to handle a variety of object sizes. Adjusting the gripping force allows the gripper to handle both delicate and heavy object. The standard fingers can be used with many different objects, it is also possible to fit custom fingers.

Scott Automation & Robotics are an official distributor for Universal Robots in Australia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Find out more about the Universal range of collaborative robots or contact one of our Solution Engineers to discuss a solution to suit your manufacturing facility.


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