Remote Vehicles & AGVs

Husky Unmanned Ground Vehicle is a medium sized robotic development platform. Husky’s large payload capacity and power systems accommodate an extensive variety of payloads, customized to meet research needs. Husky is fully supported in ROS with community driven Open Source code and examples.



Efficient and reliable

Streamline tasks with precision and reliability to help increase productivity by using the Husky unmanned ground vehicle. Avoid dangerous situations by remotely inspecting environments. Husky gets the job done safely and effectively.

Made for all terrain

The Husky unmanned ground vehicle is engineered to thrive in outdoor environments. With a powerful 4x4 zero-maintenance drivetrain, rugged all-terrain tires and long-lasting battery endurance. The Husky robotic platform will take mining applications to new extremes.

Easy to use

Husky’s easy to use handheld controller allows for instant operation right out of the box. Meanwhile, the differential drive enables manoeuvrability in tight spaces. With Husky, the user is in full control and doesn’t require advanced training


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