Rocklabs RM1000

The Rocklabs RM1000 batch pulveriser is used for pulverizing a variety of material from 1-1000g for subsequent analysis by instrumental methods or wet chemistry.


Featuring strong construction and requiring little maintenance, the RM1000 has two clamping options available - Pneumatic Airbag clamp and the Rotoclamp Mechanical clamp.

  • 1 phase or 3 phase power supply
  • Smaller head options can be used with an adaptor plate
  • Very low contamination of samples
  • Noise less than 85 db
  • Low capital cost, long life


Motor power

1.1kW, 3 phase or single phase


Maximum input particle size

Recommended 2-5mm sample, 8mm maximum


Product size

Samples can be pulverized <75µm


Sample size

1g - 1000g


Width x Height x Depth

1210 x 1800 x 700mm





Dust extraction

Built-in air extraction fan & dust extraction pickup



Pneumatic Airbag clamp (requires compressed air), Rotoclamp



Rocklabs standard equipment is warranted against manufacturing defects for the period of one year, or the first 2000 operating hours, whichever comes first.

Head Options

Carbon / Chrome

40 - 1000


Tungsten Carbide / Zirconia

40 and 200



50 and 200

Shipping Dimensions

Width x Height x Depth

1115 x 1460 x 930mm





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