Robotic Idler Change

The Robotic Idler Replacement is capable of replacing idlers on loaded, operational conveyors, providing your mine site with the ability to conduct predictive maintenance on conveyors without downtime. This innovative and non-intrusive conveyor idler replacement method assists in increasing conveyor up-time and removes workplace health and safety risks currently associated with conveyor servicing, maintenance and breakdowns.



The Robotic Idler Replacement (RIC) is mounted on a mine specified vehicle for surface and underground operations. Presenting its manipulator to the conveyor stringer, the RIC scans the conveyor idler frame, stringer and belt and then uses this information to position a lift unit under the belt, clamp to the stringer and lift the belt. Possessing the ability to change tooling throughout the conveyor idler removal process the RIC then removes and replaces the failed idlers, stowing replaced idlers on the vehicle.

  • Online ‘live’ idler removal (no isolation required)
  • Increased conveyor up-time
  • Increased Production
  • Reduced maintenance planning (better scheduling for critical path tasks)
  • Eliminates workplace health and safety risks
  • Suited to both surface and underground operations
  • Ability to carry and return idlers
  • Assists in achieving optimum asset management for your mine site

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