Rotary Saw - Poultry

The BladeStop™ Rotary Poultry Saw is uniquely designed to reduce the risk of serious injury by stopping the rotary knife (blade) within milliseconds when the unit senses operator contact with the blade. This is the difference between just a small skin cut and an amputated finger.

Key Advantages


The BladeStop™ Rotary Poultry Saw is robust enough to cope with harsh environments and meets wash-down requirements.

  • Greatly reduces the risk of serious injury
  • Increases processing uptime and personnel morale
  • Simple to operate, Left hand and right hand configuration
  • Quick restart - no need to replace knife (blade) after an emergency stopping activation
  • Smart electronics - notifications of service cycles and actuation counts


  • The knife (blade) is stopped within milliseconds of detecting an operator.
  • Operator puts on regular, non-conductive gloves (required).
  • Operator attaches waist band enabling the saw to start.
  • Saw is started via control panel start button.

Design Principles:

  • BladeStop™ consists of 3 main components
  • Unique blade brake mechanism.
  • Operator waist band 'sensor' attachment.
  • Microcontroller based control unit.


Additional Options


GloveCheck™ System
GloveCheck™ is secondary sensing system that utilises unique sensing within a predefined zone around the knife (blade) to detect operator gloves - even at high speed. Upon a zone infraction, the BladeStop™ ceases blade operation within milliseconds.

Data Collection Package
The system will add value by monitoring machine and operator performance, generating production reports, and assist with managing maintenance activities plus giving factory management tools to monitor and action re-training events as required.


  • Floor Mounted, height adjustable base.
  • Height adjustable shelf attachment.
  • Operator body sensor tether / lanyard

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