Standalone Chine

The SCOTT Lamb Chining machine is designed to safely remove the chine from rack saddles using proprietary ‘Chine Rider’ technology, resulting in a top quality product with a high yield.


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The Standalone Lamb Chine Machine uses the same technology as the chine station in the SCOTT Middle system but without the need for other automated infrastructure, making it suitable for smaller processors, or those who are not yet ready to make the leap to full automation.

The Lamb Chine machine allows for safe operation by eliminating bandsaw hazards, increases yield when compared to manual chine removal and runs continuously resulting in consistent throughput while maintain high quality output.   Independent testing has shown that the Lamb Chine Machine consistently produces higher yield of up to 5 grams per carcass over manual bandsaws and other leading chine removal machines


  • Increased Yield
  • Safe Operation
  • Consistent Throughput
  • Easily Integrated

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