HTS-110 SuperCurrent System

The HTS-110 SuperCurrent measurement system provides automated measurement of electrical transport properties as a function of magnetic field, field angle, and temperature.


Designed from the ground up for automated measurement of critical current, Ic, in HTS superconducting tapes as a function of magnetic field, field angle and temperature.

  • 5 T and 8 T split-pair magnet options, featuring low fringe-field
  • Sample cooling to 20 K, or optionally to 15 K, using dedicated He gas circulation system
  • Transport current to over 800 A
  •  Sample rotation 0-360o
  • No liquid cryogens
  • Complete software package providing Ic measurement automation and analysis

Technology (patent pending) developed in conjunction with the Robinson Institute of the Victoria University of Wellington, as described in the publication:

Rev. Sci. Instrum. 2014 85(11):113907, “A 1 kA-class cryogen-free critical current characterization system for superconducting coated conductors”, Strickland NM, Hoffmann C, Wimbush SC.

The SuperCurrent measurement system is the tool utilized for the Robinson Institute HTS wire database, available here.


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