UR5 Robot

UR5The UR5 is a lightweight robot which handles payload up to 5kg and has a highly flexible robot arm making it ideal to automate repetitive and dangerous tasks.

The UR5 comes with many benefits including fast payback, is collaborative and safe and like the UR3 and UR10 offers one of the fastest payback times in the industry

The UR5 just keeps going with it rated to 35,000 hours with full payload and maximum speed. The robot arm can also withstand significant environmental impact and changes in temperature.

Due to their low weight, the UR robots can be easily moved around your production facility to complete new automation tasks and can operate in the smallest of areas. The UR5 a perfectly suited for many short-run production companies demanding a flexible, portable solution that can quickly be reprogrammed.

Processes such as picking, placing and testing are well suited to the UR5.

Scott Automation + Robotics are an authorised distributor for Universal Robots in Australia

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