Used Robots

SCOTT buy and sell used and reconditioned industrial robot systems to provide low - cost solutions for companies looking to automate for the first time or increase profitability. Brands available include ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa Motoman and Fanuc, SCOTT also supplies robot parts for robotic systems and their extensive inventory includes hard-to-find parts.


Save Money 
Interested in saving up to 50% on your next robot purchase? The biggest advantage to buying used robots is savings. If you buy a used robot, you will pay less and receive a hard-working, reliable system with the potential to last as long as a new robot.

Replace Currently Used Model
Along with the financial advantages, there are other reasons for buying used. Many companies choose used robots because they need replacements that are similar to the models they already own. In this situation, there is no need for new, expensive technology that will not integrate into existing assembly lines. Buying used robots allows for faster installation and training.

The dependability of your used robotic system stems from the quality of the refurbishment process. RobotWorx specializes in complete refurbishment. In the expert hands of our design, engineering and technician teams, used robots are returned to factory condition. Every system is put through a comprehensive reconditioning and inspection process and must pass precision repeatability testing. Parts and lubricants are replaced when necessary. With proper maintenance, reconditioned used robots offer amazing longevity.

Parts and Service 
Consider the availability of service and spare parts before purchasing a used robot. Our robot sales are backed by an excellent service department, ready to handle issues should they arise. RobotWorx guarantees complete satisfaction. Our refurbishment overhaul is thorough and our team of engineers and robot technicians are committed to your success.


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